Winner and photographers 2013

© Andor KranenburgOverall winner of Photo Festival Leiden 2013 was Marijke Groeneveld with her series ‘Just say it’s because of the sun’.

“My mother used to say, ‘Just say it’s because of the sun’. For this series, I photographed my family. A family of few words. That I was rejected by my biological father, gave me a feeling of incompleteness. Thanks to my imagination, I have always been able to create my own world. The photos make this world of few words visible.”

Photographers 2013

  • Anna Meiners (LUCA-Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussel)
  • Arjen Poort (KABK Den Haag)
  • Barend Fieret (KABK Den Haag)
  • David in den Bosch (KABK Den Haag)
  • Elmer Driessen (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam)
  • Elsbeth Pilz (Fotovakschool Amsterdam)
  • Fabian Schröder (LUCA-Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussel)
  • Franky de Schampheleer (Academie voor Beeldende Kunst, Gent)
  • Irene Cécile (KABK Den Haag)
  • Jeannette Cornelisse (Fotoacademie Amsterdam)
  • Jip Broeks (KABK Den Haag)
  • Juliette Polak (Fotoacademie Amsterdam)
  • Marieke de Bra (St Joost Breda)
  • Marijke Groeneveld (Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam)
  • Marijn Smulders (KABK Den Haag)
  • Nana van Dijk (Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam)
  • Olivier van Hartingsveldt (Fotovakschool Amsterdam)
  • Romy Treebusch (KABK Den Haag)
  • Roselien Beerten (Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam)
  • Uljana Orlova (HKU Utrecht)