Lydia Weijers

Dutch photographer Lydia Weijers (Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving St. Joost, Breda, 2010) who lives and works in Rotterdam, focuses on the complexities and discrepancies of human nature. By using analogue photography, and often installations and video, she explores the human mind and human’s interaction with his surroundings. In her work she chooses to capture everyday objects and environments: parks, plants, buildings, interiors, clothing, et cetera. In her opinion, these subjects show a certain discrepancy in how they are actually man-made, though simultaneously appear semi-natural. Weijers’ own experience of her surroundings is often distanced and artificial, as if wandering through a film set or theater. By using black-and-white photography she points out the visual patterns and similarities among the surroundings she captures. Although easily recognizable in content, her photographs almost feel like an abstract version of reality.