Katharina Pöhlmann (1969, Germany)

From: Mechelen, 2010

Former camerawoman and video artist Katharina Pöhlmann recently studied photography in Amsterdam and has had numerous exhibitions and publications throughout Europe. In her photographs she visualizes emptiness and abandonment, traces of human presence, or rather absence. What remains when people leave? What becomes visible in the emptiness? These empty streets, parks, swimming pools and hotel rooms, areas we usually associate with lively crowds and in our minds do not exist without people, make us feel like voyeurs. We are peeping Toms who secretly look at the nakedness these images reveal. Hold your breath; do not disturb the tranquility; that is what these images tell the viewer. Stand still and do not make a sound! One has to wonder whether these places are not so much more beautiful without the presence of noisy, busy human beings.

Bentvelt Interieur (Nieuwe Rijn 24)