Ted Oonk (1987, the Netherlands)

too-aesthetic database 2009
From: this is not about you, 2005 – present

Dutch visual artist and photographer Ted Oonk studied photography in Belgium and has had exhibitions all around Europe and the United States. In 2013 she exhibited as artist in residence in Seoul, South Korea. In her work Ted questions ideas of representation, imaging, standardizing and what we consider to be ‘normal’. this is not about you is a project in which Ted tries to visualize in three different ways the representation of her sister Pim, who has Down Syndrome: through her own eyes as a photographer, through the eyes of her sister Pim and through the eyes of their mother. With this series Ted creates a beautiful and honest document of her sister who leads her live as any other young girl. Intimate portraits combined with snap-shots and selfies create a contemporary view on people with Down Syndrome and challenge preconceived stereotypical ideas.

Restaurant Bocconi (Burgsteeg 6)