Tim Meijer

Tim Meijer
Garzweiler II, 2016

Garzweiler is a brown coal mine situated in Germany, next to the border with the Dutch province of Limburg. In this vast area, the earth has been torn open and transformed into an enormous crater. The excavations will continue until 2044. Tim Meijer is fascinated by the transition and decay of the landscape caused by this process: surrounding villages are being swallowed up by the brown coal mine. Slowly but surely they become deserted. The photographs Meijer took in this area are about memories and places left behind, which he wants to bring back to life. The fact that this area will be gone in 28 years is fascinating to him.

The series Garzweiler II consists of images of the coal mine, as well as images of the deserted streets in the surrounding villages and the empty backyards and interiors of the abandoned homes. The pictures radiate a quiet and serene atmosphere and there is no human activity visible in any of them. The images are aesthetically pleasing without diminishing the loaded subject.

Tim Meijer (1990, NL) graduated from AKV|St. Joost in Breda in 2016.