Leiden and Photography: The Leiden Association of Amateur Photographers

Did you know that the IPFL is closely affiliated to the Leiden Association of Amateur Photographers (LAFV)? Back in 2012 the LAFV could already celebrate its 90th anniversary. The program for this festive occasion was impressive: No less than three exhibitions were on display in Leiden, showing 90 large-format photos of both LAFV members and other Leideners.

Following these exhibitions, Hans Gillis, who served as chairman of the LAFV, together with Pierre Luiten established the Foundation of Talented Photographers in 2013. To this day the foundation also stands behind the organization of the International Photo Festival Leiden.

As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, it was the dream of Hans Gillis to create an international festival that not only showcased up-and-coming photographic talents, but could also bring people together. His motto ‘Always think big’ has put the festival on the map in only two years. And while the IPFL continues to grow and develop, the LAFV is still an important meeting place for passionate photographers in and around Leiden. 

Every Monday evening the LAFV organizes club nights in Leiden. During these events, photographers have the opportunity to present their work to other members of the association. It is a great occasion to exchange tricks of the trade and ask each other questions. In addition, the LAFV regularly organizes lectures, ‘technical evenings’ and member competitions. 

But the association has more to offer than just the club nights. There are also special working groups where photographers go out and take pictures together. Besides enjoying each other’s company and discovering new places, the photographers can learn a lot from each other regarding camera technology, preparation, staging and composition. For an even more in-depth experience, the photographers can also take part in a mentoring program.

When members have completed a photo series, there is of course also the possibility to exhibit their work. Art spaces in Leiden regularly have LAFV members among their displayed artists. An example is the exhibition ‘Abstract Nature’ that is currently shown in Theehuis Veldheim. Eight photographers present their views on nature in different ways. 

Do you want to know more about the LAFV or are you interested in becoming a member? Then click here (in Dutch): https://www.lafv.nl 

The exhibition ‘Abstract Nature’ in Theehuis Veldheim can be visited until the end of December. More information here (in Dutch): https://www.lafv.nl/2019/10/19/abstracte-natuur-op-rhijnhof/