Leiden and Photography: Eelkje Colmjon, Leiden’s new city photographe

Every year the Foundation Stadsfotograaf Leiden goes in search of a new photographer to portray the city. This year, the honor belongs to 39-year-old Eelkje Colmjon. Her work can be seen every Friday in Het Leidsch Dagblad.

In May the Foundation Stadsfotograaf Leiden started the search for a suitable successor to De Jonge Antropologen, a group of no fewer than seven photographers who captured Leiden on camera during the past year. The photographer for 2019 is tasked with discovering the city of the future. Where can we detect visible hints and signs of what Leiden is going to become? And how do you capture this in a humane and compelling way?

It is now up to Eelkje Colmjon to elucidate the future of Leiden with a total of 52 photos. Based on the theme ‘The Future is Now’ she focuses her camera on idealists, dreamers and philosophers. People who have a goal in mind or have ideas about the future. The first results have already been published and show, among other things, a kingfisher, princesses and a sea full of plastic.

The photos can be seen on the website of Eelkje Colmjon, and are published every Friday in Het Leidsch Dagblad. https://eelk.nl/project/de-leidse-stadsfotograaf/

Please note: In 2017-2018 Patricia Nauta was the city photographer of Leiden.

And in the International Photo Festival Leiden 2018, Patricia was one of the 20 selected IPFL photographers. A number of her photos from a series about children in asylum camps could be seen in the outdoor exhibition. Patricia has recently become the festival’s creative director and is thus closely involved in the organization of the 5th edition of the International Photo Festival Leiden 2020.