Gabriëlle de Kroon

Gabriëlle de Kroon
Father, 2016

Gabriëlle de Kroon’s series Father is an ongoing project with the theme “generational transfer”, in other words, the interaction between different generations of a family. In De Kroon’s case, this concerns how three generations of a family deal with the legacy of war. De Kroon’s grandfather was held prisoner in several Nazi camps during World War II, in the Netherlands as well as in Germany. After the war his marriage ended and he married De Kroon’s grandmother, who at this time was a single mother of eleven children. Together they had another child, De Kroon’s father, the only child from this marriage.

The central question in the photographer’s research is what consequences these violent events that took place during the war had on the upbringing of her father and later on herself and what she will pass on to her own children. As De Kroon’s grandfather was no longer able to give the answer to these questions, she sought to find them by means of the series Father.

For this series, De Kroon combined several layers: documentation from her grandfather’s captivity, images from her father’s family album, and her own visual interpretation of what happened to her grandfather. The images that represent De Kroon’s own interpretation are highly stylized photographs of objects, which are more aesthetic than explanatory. In combination with the documents and vernacular photographs from her father’s albums, however, they become part of the story about the remembrance of war.

Gabriëlle de Kroon (1969, NL) is a cultural anthropologist and graduated cum laude from the Fotovakschool Amsterdam in 2016.