LAFV Photographers

The LAFV will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, making it one of the oldest and
largest photo clubs in the Netherlands. The LAFV regularly exhibits work of its members in the city. The photos currently on display at the International Photo Festival Leiden are entries by members of the National Federation Photo Competition. Every year the National Fotobond organizes a national contest for all photo clubs in the Netherlands. Each club may submit 10 photos that will be judged by a professional jury. The photo club that manages to get the most points for these 10 photos wins the competition. The Netherlands has about 200 photo clubs, which means about 2000 photos. Leiden has done very well the past 2 years in this national contest, with a shared 3rd place and last year even a 2nd place.

Also this year the LAFV has selected 10 photos for the federal photo contest. For this all members can send in their best photos. From all these submitted photos, a pre-selection will be made by an expert committee will make a pre-selection. It is then up to the members to choose the 10 best ones. In the end they have the last word. A part of this pre-selection is now on display during the IPFL. Which 10 photos would you choose for yourself, we are curious.

Photographers LAFV:

  • Joost Wensveen
  • Andor Kranenburg
  • Betty Nicolai
  • Carolina D’Andrea
  • Evert Jan Westera
  • Hannelore Maier
  • Helene Roelofs
  • Henk Aschman
  • Jowan Zonneveld
  • Martin Bergwerff
  • Theo van Elsen
  • Ton van der Valk
  • Wim van Oordt
  • Wout van der Slikke