Lucile Chombart de Lauwe (1986, France)

Bogd, March 2011
From: Foyers (Urbains) Mongols, 2011

French photographer Lucile Chombart de Lauwe lives between Brittany and Paris, studied photography in Arles and works as a freelance documentary photographer. As a former social worker, Lucile’s work focusses on social circumstances like unemployment, harsh working and living conditions and the results of urbanization. In the series Foyers (Urbains) Mongols Lucile photographed changes in the way of living for the Mongolian nomadic people, who are moving into cities. The transition of life on the large open plains to life in the bustling, crowded city of Ulan-Bator involves lifestyle changes and adjustments and causes many transformations in Mongolian society. Lucile’s photographs are intimate and confronting showing the new way of living for these nomads while they try to hold on to their old traditions.

Simon Lévelt (Botermarkt 1-2)