Lotte Bronsgeest

During her last pregnancy Dutch photographer Lotte Bronsgeest (Photo Academy Amsterdam, 2013) finds herself confronted with the vulnerability of the human body. In her series Final Pregnancy she captures what she calls ‘a discrepancy between my reality and the opinion of others.’ People telling her that she looks beautiful and that she makes pregnancy look easy both irritated as well as intrigued her. Bronsgeest shows another perspective on pregnancy, which is not necessarily as joyful and wonderful as many people pretend it to be. By photographing her own body, naked and intensely vulnerable, she conveys the uneases of pregnancy that she experiences. At the same time she confronts the spectator with the fragile beauty of the female body and delicate fertility. These images signify the bare reality of the transformation the female body goes through during pregnancy: varicose veins, bulging belly and uncontrollable body fluids. Though with the bright aesthetics Bronsgeest has photographed these transformations, the images reveal the powerful female body in the process of creating a new life.