About the International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL)

The International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL) offers European photographers that have graduated in the past 5 years, a stage in the first phase of their career as a professional photographer. The IPFL creates an international platform and according exposure: The photographers show their work and get into contact with a broad and international photography-loving audience.

The IPFL is the initiative of the Foundation for Talented Photographers (founded in 2013), and takes place every other year. The work of a selection of 20 emerging photographers is shown in a free, open air exhibition. Out of these 20 photographers, the jury also chooses an overall winner of the festival.

The work of the selected photographers is exhibited in open air and indoor spaces in downtown Leiden. Walking past the exhibition, visitors discover the most beautiful spots in Leiden. We also offer a side programme consisting of workshops, presentations, portfolio reviews etc. for photographers as well as photography lovers.

The IPFL co-operates with a number of renowned international photography festivals around the world, to exchange the work of emerging photographers.