Wayne Quilliam

Djiwarr ‘to see from above’

As the old people share stories of culture and land, painting the spiritual narrative from an ethereal position, my modern technology realises their stories and reflects the past into the future.


Aboriginal artist Wayne Quilliam is recognised for his complex works that combine influences from traditional Aboriginal culture and Western aesthetic traditions. Throughout his 30 years of experience working in rural, remote and urban communities worldwide, he has designed, created, and curated over 300 exhibitions worldwide. He actively collaborates with institutions in Europe, Asia, Middle East, the USA and South America, including creating interactive Human Rights exhibitions at the United Nations in Geneva and New York. Wayne’s skill as a modern-day storyteller sees him featured at events, including the G’Day series in the USA. His work was to have been projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of the 2021 Vivid Festival, Sydney, cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The highly popular ‘InstaCulture’ installation will feature at the ‘2022 World Expo’ in Dubai. His artwork now features on a series of wine labels for Mt Yengo (NSW, Australia), and he recently released a book ‘Culture is Life’.