Renata Buziak

Renata Buziak develops her images through a fusion of organic and photographic materials in the process of natural decomposition. Arranged plants and developed light-sensitive photographic papers are transformed through cyclic decay and regeneration. This process reveals what is usually invisible to the eye; the biological chemical progression of decay and degeneration.

She reveals beauty in decomposition and raises notions of transformative cycles; plant cycles of decay and renewal, passing on knowledge, time, seasons, and the constant flux of natural processes.


Renata Buziak is a photo-media artist, educator and researcher, who is passionate about physically engaging nature and organic processes in her interdisciplinary art practice. Her practice builds on alternative and experimental photography, including intercultural and art-science research and cross-disciplinary collaborations. Renata’s recent PhD studio research focused on local Australian healing plants significant to the Quandamooka Peoples of Minjerribah/North Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally and received many awards.