Nick Moir


Firefighters escape the intense heat of the Green Wattle Creek fire in Orangeville, NSW, Australia, 2019/2020


Moir’s passion is capturing the dramatic environmental phenomena of Australia, from its ragged lightning and dust storms and blackening bushfires to the devastating effects of climate change. He received a World Press Photo award for coverage of the destructive 2002-03 bushfire season and Australian Press Photographer of the Year in 2002 for a series on Sydney’s severe weather. Moir was the winner of the South Australian Museum’s ANZANG Nature Photography competition for his evocative image of a bushfire bearing down on a town in south-east NSW, an image included in Prix Pictet’s Earth last year. GEO recently commissioned Moir to photograph storms in Australia’s tropical north. He lives in Sydney, is a founding member of Oculi and is currently the chief photographer of The Sydney Morning herald.