Judy Thistleton-Martin

The fiery Mt Solitary was captured in a serendipitous moment at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. A bushfire hazard reduction didn’t quite go according to plan, causing a cloud that resembled an atomic mushroom overshadowing the iconic Three Sisters. Thankfully, the fire didn’t spread and was eventually contained. 


A few years ago, to escape the demands and stresses of working life, I decided that I needed a ‘creative’ interest. So, I tried watercolour painting, and although I enjoyed it, my paintings were not for anyone’s eyes except mine. I began to search for an alternative creative outlet. My parents gave me an ‘Empire Baby Wonder camera’ followed by the famous ‘Diana’ as a child. Ever since, I have always taken snapshots of family, friends and travel.

As a photographer, I don’t have a ‘specialist’ genre or single focus area. I enjoy the challenge of creating images wherever my interest and inspiration takes me. I have discovered that experimenting with a range of genres is motivating, intellectually stimulating and a great deal of fun!  A few months ago, I upgraded my DSLR and discovered that my new camera could take double exposure images in camera. I don’t know where this technique will take me, but I am looking forward to ‘going with the flow!’

I have also discovered the world of iPhoneography. My phone has moved from being a purely functional means of communication to an instrument of infinitely creative possibilities! This ‘new’ mobile platform has challenged me to try things I would never have attempted in a more traditional approach to photography. My phone, however, has not replaced my DSLR – yet!