Andrew Baker

Alannah and Nova

The firestorm struck Conjola Park, NSW, Australia on New Year’s Eve 2019. Alannah was stuck on the freeway when her father called, “Glenn’s house is on fire. I’ve got to go, I love you!” he said. She waited in the car, under a red sky. An hour and a half later, he called back. The small lakeside village lost 89 homes. Flames hit on three sides at once. It was so fast; residents could do little to defend their houses.


Andy started taking pictures aged 6 and printing his work at 9.

He studied photography at school and college in East London, assisted some of Europe’s most famous commercial and fashion photographers for seven years.

He works across the UK and Australia’s most prestigious publications and corporations, mastering many diverse subjects. His clients now see him as an accomplished and competent asset.

Clients include the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Warner Music, The Royal Geographic Society, The Guardian, The Times, Time Magazine, The European, The Weekend Australian Magazine, News International, News Ltd, Fairfax and Roberts, ACP, BMP, Sony Asia Pacific, Ogilvy Worldwide, Taylors Wine, Vodafone, Wizard, Bayer, Bank West, Westbrook, Deutsche Bank Euro, NRMA, NSW dept of Health, Aboriginal Health care NSW, State and Federal Government.