Xenia Klein

‘Longing for Lost Love’ – Poems from the Avocado Bird Project

Searching for something to truly long for. I’m looking very closely with lenses, prisms, dark rooms and all things that make analogue photography and act of intimacy. There are no abstractions in photography, but there are testimonies of what the eye can’t see. The unseen there. The here. Photography as “a dart of longing love”. Acknowledging through seeing, and in the process – if genuinely true, acknowledging through seeing with.

This series consist of objects found in cracks along the shores of the Dead Sea at the border between Palestine and Israel. A peculiar place, salt crystals in green and pink, deserts under the sea level. People gather there to perform certain, what we probably would call occult, rituals. Palestinians, Israelis, people from all corners of the world. Seeking something they believe to be found there (here).

Konstfack Stockholm, BA Fine Arts / 2018