Pascale Hustings


What if you were a Changeling? What if your memories were different from the stories you were told by your family?

My sense of being a Changeling appeared to be a universal feeling, so I decided to create a fictive life… Since memories were playing tricks on us all, I could make my own.

I found that family albums and snapshots are not merely objects. The ritual of going through family pictures over and over again shapes a collective memory. With time, the story line fades and becomes incomplete, if not incoherent. A wonderful metaphor for the inaccuracies and false stories created by memory.

In this on-going project ‘Changeling’ I recreated such memories by playing with time, space and scale within an imaginary life. The photographic concepts used in this series were realized through analogue photography, polaroids and the use of different handcrafted blurring- and fading techniques.

‘Changeling’ will be both a photobook and an exhibition.

HKU en Fotoacademie Amsterdam / 2016