Kristel ter Beek


When she was a child, Kristel ter Beek used to dream of silent places, a world without people. Now that she’s grown up, she searches for this world through her pictures. She actually turns her feelings into pictures.
Ter Beek puts her world together by photographing everyday objects and places she finds herself in during her walks through typical Dutch neighbourhoods. What others may find a dreary sight is where she feels at home. People you don’t see in her photographs, but you feel their presence often.

Kristel ter Beek creates a peaceful composition by using large surfaces and having strict lines going out of the frame. As a result, you often only see a certain part of the object. “The part you don’t see makes an image often exciting. It gives the viewer the opportunity to let his imagination run wild”.

Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht en Fotoschool Statief / 2018