IPFL 2020: a diverse group of photography talent

On February 2, the IPFL jury, led by Phillipien Noordam, announced the photographers that will show their work during the International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL) 2020. The result is a diverse group of recently graduated photographers.

Documentary, portrait, landscape and close-up photography: almost all genres are represented among the photographers that participate in the fifth edition of the International Photo Festival Leiden. For example, the photo series ‘Dense’ by Yael Laroes consists of vulnerable self-portraits, while the photographs from Kristel ter Beek’s ‘Void’ are a search for quietness instead. Her photographs show no humans at all. Photographers like Tahné Kleijn, Jesper Boot and Elena Helfrecht find their themes in their close surroundings (their own families) while the series of other photographers were created far from home. In the photographs by Julian Pache the National parks of America play an important role and Roosje Verschoor travelled to Moengo in Suriname for her series ‘Bending Benchmarks’. Xenia Kleijn photographed objects that she found on the coast of The Dead Sea, near the border between Israel and Palestine. But not only the topics and genres the photographers touch upon are diverse. From the 127 applications, the jury selected photographers from different countries, including The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Germany.

The participating photographers have been selected anonymously. The jury paid attention to originality, individuality and the way the photo-series add something to the group. As Philippien Noordam (Art advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs) explained to us in an interview, the selected images must “be distinctive and should arouse curiosity.” The photographers were asked to submit four photographs. These have also been judged on their consistency. Additionally, the jury selects photographers who they believe will develop further after finishing their studies. The IPFL assists them by providing the photographers with a stage at the starting point of their careers.

From May 9-17, 2020 you can view the work of the 15 photographers in the centre of Leiden, The Netherlands during the fifth edition of the festival.