The jury has selected 15 photographers for the fifth edition of the International Photo Festival Leiden.

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The International Photo Festival Leiden offers a yearly stage to new photographers in Europe. Have you graduated in the past 5 years (BA and/or MA) from an art school or photography-related programme and do you live in or have the nationality of a European country?


An independent international professional jury will judge the submissions and select 15 photographers.

Saskia Aukema winnaar 4de editie IPFL

Among these 15, one overall winner will be chosen, who will receive a reward of € 1.500. All of the 15 selected photographers will receive the following publicity:

  • Exhibition of your 4 photos on billboards at one of our beautiful locations in the historical city of Leiden during the festival. The billboards will be real eyecatchers at these busy locations.
  • A wider exhibition in an indoors venue that has to be determined.
  • The International Photo Festival Leiden will publish a festival guide with the exhibited photos.
  • And to crown it all, you work will be shown at festivals abroad via our exchange programme. Among those are Photoville (Brooklyn, NY)!
  • Publication in national and international press.

Please also read our full Terms & Conditions for Participation (pdf):

  • Participants should be graduated with a BA and/or MA from an art school or photography-related programme, with a graduation date between Januari 1, 2014 and Augustus 31, 2019.
  • Participants should live in or have the nationality of a European country (see Terms & Conditions, article 3f).
  • Please submit:
    • 4 photos (low-res jpg’s, max. 3 MB per photo). This can be a either a series or individual photos that can be presented as a series (in mutual agreement).
    • A description of the photos or series (max. 3000 characters, in English).
    • If you are selected for the festival, you can be asked to submit more photos, to a maximum of 10. So please be prepared for that.
    • A financial contribution to the festival of €25.*

* The festival is a not-for-profit organistation, solely created by volunteers who are devoted to organise a great festival. With this €25, you support the festival and make sure it can continue delivering the quality intended (both nationally and internationally). Read what the festival can do for you and your career if you are selected.

Please transfer your contribution should be transferred before December 15, 2019, via PayPal or bank transfer (details, see Submission form). Your submission is not final until we have received the contribution. You will not be refunded in case of withdrawal or disqualification. Please read our full conditions!

Further procedure

The 15 photographers selected by the jury will be notified by 1st of February 2020. The winner will be announced at the opening of the festival.
If you belong to the selection, you will have to hand in (within 2 weeks after notification):

  • Your full-size photo files (jpg, 300 dpi, longest side 27 cm)
  • Additional photos for the indoor exhibition (also full size)
  • Your resume.

More information

For more information, you can contact us.