Here’s our selection of 2017!

The International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL) is proud to present the twenty new selected photographers whose work will be featured at the 4th edition of the festival in the Spring of 2018 (7 – 15 April). The jury made a  selection out of more than 140 submissions. Their choices reflect the talent of emerging photographers from all over Europe and the quality of the varying international photography programmes.

Jury 2017

The jury at work (photo: Annegien Lucas)

The photographers of 2017 are:

  • Bastiaan van Aarle
  • Saskia Aukema
  • Jasper Bastian
  • Chan Hong Yui Clement
  • Camille Renée Devid
  • Sander du Floo
  • Sacha Goossens
  • Kiki Groot
  • Ko Hage
  • Laura Hospes
  • Peggy Ickenroth
  • Jùnn (Matthijs Uivel and Margot Everts)
  • Gabriëlle de Kroon
  • Tim Meijer
  • Annabel Miedema
  • Anne Müchler en Nico Schmitz
  • Patricia Nauta
  • Samuel Otte
  • Emma Smids
  • Julie van der Vaart

From these photographers a grand winner has been chosen, who will receive a prize of 1000 euros. The winner will be announced on Saturday the 14th of October 2017.

Last edition 2015 winner was Alexander Krack , with his series on German spas.

Photo’s: Annegien Lucas