Here’s our selection of 2015!

With pride we present the 20 ‘New Photographers’ that will be on show during the third edition of our Festival. The jury made a wonderful selection out of more than 110 submissions. Their choices reflect the talent of the emerging photographers from the Netherlands and abroad and the quality of the varying international photography programmes.

The New Photographers of 2015 are:

Jury 2015

The jury at work (Photo: Pierre Luiten)

  • Lotte Bronsgeest
  • Daniëlle Celie
  • Aras Gökten
  • Aranxta Gonlag
  • Esther Hessing
  • Pim Huijsmans
  • Mascha Joustra
  • Carla Kogelman
  • Dagmar Kolatschny
  • Alexander Krack
  • Leonardo Magrelli
  • Misha Pipercic
  • Katharina Pöhlmann
  • Alice Smeets
  • Evert Smit
  • Sebastian Steveniers
  • Julie van der Vaart
  • Lydia Weijers
  • Christian Werner
  • Aleksander Willemse

This year’s International Photo Festival Leiden takes place from 10-31 October at various open air locations in the historical Leiden city centre. The IPFL gives the 20 selected international photographers a stage to showcase their work to a big audience. This grants them a flying start in their professional careers. Also, from the 20 selected photographers a grand winner will be chosen, who will receive a prize of 1000 euros. The winner will be announced at the grand opening of the Fstival on Saturday the 10th of October 2015.

Last year’s winner was Renate Beense, with her series ‘Just Dad’. This year, she’ll have a solo exhibition at the beautiful new location of Kunsthuis Leiden.

Photos: Pierre Luiten and Cynthia van der Brugge.