Presentation and auction of photos by Teun Voeten

Teun Voeten, war photographer and anthropologist, donates 3 photos from his work for an auction that will take place on Wednesday October 5, 2014, in Kooyker Bookshop in Leiden. The evening starts at 8 PM with a presentation about the underground homeless in New York, following his book and exhibition ‘Tunnel People’ in Art Gallery Amber. At 9 PM, the 3 photos (hand made silver gelatin prints, see the description attached) will be auctioned. The revenue will be donated to the Willem-Alexander Children’s Foundation (WAKF LUMC).

Teun Voeten is an award winning war photographer, winner of the ‘Zilveren Camera’ (Dutch annual national photography award, category foreign news), and athor of several books including ‘Tunnel People’. In this book, he documents, with humour and compassion, the daily lives of homeless who want to build new lives in the undergrond railway tunnel of Manhattan.


The Willem-Alexander Children’s Foundation (website in Dutch) aims at improving the quality of life of chronically ill children. The WAKF LUMC started building interactive/digital rooms in the Willem-Alexander Children’s Hospital, part of the Leiden University Medical Centre. These rooms make sure that family, friends and school are always near. Referring to the motto ‘Every dime helps’, the revenue of the auction will be donated to this project.

The auction is in hands of auctioneer mr. Pieter-Gerrit Binkhorst, president of Auction House ‘Onder de Boompjes’, in Leiden.

The International Photo Festival Leiden is the organiser of the auction and is happy to be able to contribute to the goals of the WAKF LUMC.

Resume Teun Voeten
Description prints for auction Teun Voeten