Dagmar Kolatschny

German photographer Dagmar Kolatschny (Hartford Art School, Connecticut, USA, 2013) seeks out places that resonate with her, where there is a special interaction between her and her surroundings. “I am interested in finding the neglected to then convert it into something special. I am moved by the need for protection of things, that I fear to be soon vanished,” she says. This classic approach to photography of capturing, freezing, a moment in time has resulted in the almost ethereal series Sunny. Nothing is as fleeting as light shining through a window, as the shadow moves relentlessly over the floor with the turning of the earth. It is the easily overlooked, everyday moment Kolatschny captures photographically: the pattern on the wall that is evident by the amount of light in the stairwell, plants, like ornaments grown around a window pane, the silhouette of the city mirrored in the glaring sunlight. But her work is also about forgotten places. Dirty windows, empty staircases and dust settling in the corner of an empty place are touched by sunlight and for a brief moment made visible again. The images make you dream of things that were and will never be again.