IPFL and ‘Face the Dutch’ join hands for the second time!

Free Exhibition Paper- Double Dutch FeatureFor the second year in row the International Photo Festival Leiden, and the producers of the exhibition ‘Face the Dutch’ join hands to promote Dutch Photography at Photoville 2015.

The International Photo Festival Leiden 2015 is proud to present at Photoville the finest new generation of professional European photographers. For this exhibition 20 photographers were selected who are on the verge of a bright international career. Their photography ranges from documentary to conceptual, from witty to unnerving and from observing to autobiographical.

Face the Dutch represents an exhibition of contemporary photography of The Netherlands. The culture of the image has changed dramatically, especially in the last ten years. The communication of images has amplified due to the internet, social media, smartphones and new digital possibilities. This change gave way to a new generation of photographers. Photographers now enjoy freedom to shape reality, and the culture they live in, in a new and individual fashion more than ever. Now is the time for an exhibition consisting of contemporary photography of The Netherlands: Face the Dutch.

On show is work of 28 Dutch Photographers, among whom are Ilvy Njiokiktjien (National Photographer of the Netherlands 2013), Carla Kogelman (first prize People at World Press Photo 2014) Marinka Masséus (Gold at Prix de la Photography Paris 2015) and Edgar Verhoeven (Silver at International Fine Art Photography).

Last but not least a free exhibition paper, Double Dutch Feature, will be available at Photoville and at the Photo Festival Leiden in October. This paper contains photo’s and descriptions of Face the Dutch and Photo Festival Leiden photographers. This paper is a joint effort between Face The Dutch and the Photo Festival Leiden.

The collaboration between both organisations is not only limited to the open-air exhibition in New York. The Face the Dutch exhibition will also be on show in October in Leiden during the festival.

Face the Dutch Anouk - Patricia Steur