About the International Photo Festival Leiden (IPFL)

Following to the successful start of the Photo Festival Leiden in 2013, the third edition of the International Photo Festival Leiden will take place in the autumn of 2015. The motto is ‘New Photographers’. The International Photo Festival Leiden aims at providing a platform for young talented, professional photographers, by giving them a chance to expose themselves to a broader audience.

The city of Leiden, key to discovery, already features several art festivals discovering new talent, including the Leids Cabaret Festival, the Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) and Beelden in Leiden, an outdoor statue festival. Until 2013 Leiden did not have a professional photo festival. Therefore, the Photo Festival Leiden was brought about, organised by Foundation for Talented Photographers.

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Marijke Groeneveld, winner 2013

The photographs, submitted by contestants of art academies from around the world will be judged by an international jury. 20 photographers will be selected and of those, one overall winner will be chosen, who will receive an amount of €1.000 to be spent on the development of his or her photographic career.

The photos of the selected 20 photographers will be exhibited at eyecatching columns at squares in the Leiden city centre, thus creating a Wall of fame unparalleled to other photo festivals in the Netherlands or even in Europe.

Furthermore, all 20 selected contestants get the chance to show their photographs in shops, art galleries and restaurants throughout Leiden, and via an Urban Screen also in several cities. Rather unique is the cooperation with Photoville New YorkFinally, the exhibited photographs will also be published in a festival guide

The aims of the International Photo Festival Leiden:

  • To provide exposure for young international photography talents.
  • To provide a platform to photography for the main public.
  • To promote Leiden as Key to discovery in general.


The goal is to achieve the utmost effect with free publicity and social media. The support of the public is of course very important. Large realtime screens in several cities and the cooperation with Photoville New York will enlarge the international reach and the fame of the International Photo Festival and thereby offer the photographers a stage. Next to that, on a local level, a mobile exhibition (Photo Corso) will be organised in cooperation with the Leiden Amateur Photography Club (LAFV).

Het Internationaal Fotofestival Leiden wordt georganiseerd door Stichting Talentvolle Fotografen. Deze Stichting is in 2013 opgericht door Hans Gillis (†) en Pierre Luiten, als vervolg op de buitententoonstelling in het kader van 90 jaar Leidse Amateur Fotografen Vereniging, die zij in 2012 organiseerden.


The International Photo Festival Leiden is organised by the Foundation for Talented Photographers.